Cádiz, Andalucia, South Spain
Size: 90cmx90cm
Sustainable Silk – GOTS Certificated

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The salted smells, the soft crush of the sand, the foam of the waves dancing with the breeze. A walk along the shore, a walk though our memories.

Our Organic & Environmentally Sustainable Silk is produced in weaving mill from Como, ITALY with a history, tradition and experience stretching over almost a century.

Organic silk is environmentally friendly and socially responsible throughout the whole production process: the GOTS certification covers the entire production cycle: from the yarns (cultivation of mulberry trees, silk worm breeding, spinning and twisting), to the weaving within Como Italia Mill, to the final phases of dyeing and finishing, all processes must comply with stringent social criteria in order to earn the label of “Organic Silk”.

Natural style.
Finished edges.

Eco Friendly ink.
Dry clean only.

100% Sustainable Twill Silk
90 x 90 cm.
Sustainable Packaging, Recycled Paper.